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[01/08/02]: Well, in case anyone pondered Paws' statement from the last update, I've been out of town dealing with a death in my family. Goodie, happy, snowshoes to that, I say.

As for PsoV matters, today's update title has very specific meaning. As some of you are probably aware, in my days as a reader reviewer, I had the good fortune - and typing madness - to whip up 5 reviews for a single update. Well, that record stands broken today as the highest number of new reviews posted for a single author in one day. And, to make this record even more bizarre... It's done now by a totally new reviewer! In one update we post his first through sixth reviews. I think a huge round of applause is required for Desh!

Paws: We actually have two great announcements today. The first Zack has covered, so I'll get to the second one.

Points of View now has it's own IRC channel! Yep, after being asked about it by several reviewers (and pestered by TRC), I finally decided it was time for it.
If you aren't familiar with IRC, you'll want to head over to our IRC FAQ for all the juicy details. For those of you with some familiarity, here's the connection info you'll need:

Network (you'll need to add a new one): either port: 6667 or 5555.

Once connected, make sure you're not using a registered nickname (nickserv will tell you if you are and ask you to change). The type "/j #reviewhaven" (minus the quotes), and you're in. Welcome to our world ;)

A couple of important notes:
People with either ops (a little @ sign by their name for most IRC clients) or voice (a little + by their name) are staffers and/or channel moderators; for the moment, only staff get ops and voice (with one exception), so please don't ask for ops or voicing, because you already know the answer ;P. Be mature and respectful of other people's feelings, and they won't have to kick you out :) I'll be writing up an actual guideline on rules/decorum eventually, but right now I'm just busy with other things. Another note is that there is currently a cap of 18 users in the channel at once; this is to prevent annoying 'raids' from other channels, and will be raised to allow more people if the peak is hit. All you have to do is send one of the ops a private message and ask one of them to raise the limit.

Last two notes of interest: One, we've already had two reviewers drop by ;) Thanks to Kevin Harper and TheShroud13 for livening up the channel so far :) Two, if you're looking for myself and I'm not there, try looking for a nickname beginning with 'Lightfoot'; it means I'm doing a second activity.

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Rejection Returns
When you send in a review, it's always a prudent course of action to keep the review saved to a text file somewhere or as a draft in your mailbox. That way, if you get rejected, you can send the entire thing back to us with the corrections added. HTMLizing reviews from text can be very time consuming, and having everything in one place to start out just makes our job a LOT easier.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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Paws: I wonder if Desh knows how to use IRC...Hey, Red Raven, if you're reading this, it's safe to come back to IRC now! ;)

ASV: 6 reviews... 5 without previous reader reviews... This guy knows how to impress us  ;)
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