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Welcome to 2002

[01/03/02]: Despite the title, I almost forgot to change the date to '02'. Some days, I truly am blond. But, moving on.

As the title declares, welcome to 2002! A brand new year rolling around, filled with opportunities just waiting to be grasped. Among them, the opportunity to write reviews. Ain't it grand? With the new year will also be coming several things, including a contest for a free game and possibly a new layout. The details for both have yet to be set into stone, so you'll have to just wait on baited breath. Sorry!

Moving on. Today's update will be void of Zachary's presence. If you're of the bend of prayers, please send some his and his family's way. You can also email him here if you're of that bend.

Today we play a bit of catchup with reviews. We host two staff reviews, both of which were also showcased on index, but hey, they move down so fast with all the news, we show em off here too. Except when the kitty forgets about them totally. Sorry Mikel =^^;;;;;;= It's also catchup because the reviews currently in the 'holder file' are really, really stacking up. In fact, I have five by one person. Which is good, honest.

...Just not when I just put up applications for media. Soooo many things to do, so little time. I swear, I don't even have time to stop and sniff the catnip these days!

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Please, PLEASE. Only include one review per email. I do this so that I can seperate corrections, accepted reviews, and rejections. It just makes my life a bit less hectic. Thanks to those who corrected their mistakes promptly
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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Paws: Thank you to Jay for his help this update. I couldn't have done it in such a prompt manner without you. Now...If you think the past couple weeks have been good for it, just wait until you see what I have in store for next week! =^^=
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