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[12/17/01]: Parents visit. Parents drop way too much money. Parents leave. Paws pooped.
On a more upbeat note, we've added a new reviewer to our collection. Everyone should know Paul Koehler at this point; he's graciously stepped up to the task of writing reviews for staff. Wish him luck and good writing ;)

ASV: Well, you can all commence throwing the rotten fruit in my direction. It is indeed my fault that this update is so chronologically challenged. Of course, attempting to move out, interviewing for a dozen jobs, playing 20 straight hours of Super Smash Bros. Melee, running family Christmas errands, and generally trying to get at least 4 hours of sleep a night can do that to a person... I mean, heck! I haven't even had a chance to repair one of my rejected staff reviews that's a week old yet!

Reviews Submissions BooBoos

As mentioned in the last update (and hopefully this will be the last occasion that we forget to flesh out this topic), selecting a title, screens, and quotes for your review will negate us having to select them for you. And, believe us, we're gonna start making interesting 'punishment' titles for things  >;)
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis
Don't get upset
Before any one person feels guilty, this is pointed at several people. Although most authors are very good and handle rejection gracefully, some feel that it's a personal attack when their review is rejected; it's not, in any form. We're not prejudiced against one person, nor against one game under normal circumstances. The only time we may turn down a review is if a certain game has had too many in the past few updates - for example, FFIX is perilously close to 10, and we added another review, so for your FFIX review to be accepted it would have to be very well written; not impossible, just harder to do than normal. All in all, remember: it's not worth getting mad over. If you don't understand why you're being rejected, email back and ask for clarification.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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Paws: Welcome to the new writers, especially to Jay. Hi Jay ;) Hurry up and finish Harry Potter, I want a review!

ASV: Salutations to PEI Jay. Those of you familiar with Paws from IRC should have a good notion who exactly he is. All this excitement of the holiday season seems to have drawn Red Raven back, as well; though his name might be outdated if he keeps up this furious pace. Two small final notes: congrats to jaraph for going bronze. Keep up the good work. And, welcome Paul Koehler to the PsoV / RPGamer Review dept. Hopefully I can teach him the art of these lovely tables down here  >;)
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