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Midterms & Repeat Offenders

[10/30/01]: Wow, lots of news since the last update.

Well, even though I only got to PEI about 5 weeks ago, looks like I'm moving again. This time, I'm heading out to Brandon, Manitoba. Yay, back west, closer to family and friends ;) I'll also be back on a cable internet connection, which I've been desperately missing. Having to wait 15 seconds for an HTML file to upload is horrid, trust me on this one.

In celebration of the move, I even received a Game Boy Advanced as an early Xmas present! WOOOOOOO! *snuggles Jay in hugs around his neck until his face turns blue* Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

ASV: As of this update, I'm instituting an incentive program at PsoV to encourage you readers to write and play PC RPGs; for every PC RPG you review, I'll mention your name in the review description below, and kiss you on IRC... If you're into that kind of thing... God knows I'd skip it  >;)

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Seriously, though, my mock incentives behind, we're desperately in need to PC RPGamers to review games for us. If you come through for us, we'll find some way to repay you for your efforts on the behalf of the RPG community... Maybe we'll have a random drawing for some sort of gift this Christmas (provided our funding permits).
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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Paws: Ah, yes, now onto the reviews. Today we see Ian Stewart "streaking" (teehee) onto the scene with a surprising view of SoE. We also see the return of Traks, long time no see, and a BoF bonanza from Jade Falcon. Check it out below ;)

ASV: There's only one thing I have to add to this; please try to remember that '5' is the average game score. By reading through most of these reviews, I note that nobody particularly thought the games were above average. Not trying to sound like the evil dictator, but 5 does not equal 7.
Okage: Shadow King - Review
Originality 7 Reader: Traks
Secret of Evermore - Retroview
The Land Before Sanity 7 Reader: The Glutton
Tales of Destiny - Retroview
New Title, Same Game - Sort Of... 7 Reader: Paul Koehler
Breath of Fire - Retroview
Where No Dragon Has Gone Before Part I 7 Reader: Jade Falcon
Breath of Fire 2 - Retroview
Where No Dragon Has Gone Before Part II 7 Reader: Jade Falcon

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