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[10/22/01]: I'm back. Well, at least for enough time to do this update, hehehe. My apologies to Mikel for missing those reviews. In the process of redoing all the archives, they got lost. I'm so embarrassed =*^^*= Thankfully he's forgiving and let me keep my tail un-toasted and head un-bitten off.

For those of you who didn't read last week's update GO NOW. Mikel makes some very good points on the quality, quantity, and timeliness of our reviews, which many people don't realize.

I'm anxiously awaiting my new apartment coming available Nov 1. I may be jumping the gun a bit, but I saw some really good sales in one of the grocery flyers, I'm gonna get some supplies early ;)

Ah, yes, the reviews for this week. We maintain a steady staff submission this week, having a review from Castomel, yay!

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Quality over Quantity
This couples again with Mikel's comments in the last update. It is a rule on RPGamer that a game must be completed before it is reviewed. This goes for both readers and staff. I'm still getting reviews from people with lines like "I can't wait to see the ending", or "From what I've played of the game...". It's frustrating because often these reviews are good quality - but the rules are there for a reason.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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Paws: Paul once again submits top notch work, and it's no wonder - he's taking journalism in school! Hey, Paul, show this one to your classmates too, you deserve the recognition. =^^=
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