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Live, from Charlottetown 2

[09/23/01]: Bet you were all wondering where I was. Don't worry, no planes dropped anywhere near me.

I have actually been in the process of moving. I've moved to PEI to come to school (you may remember me mentioning applying). I was actually supposed to leave to come the 22nd to the Island, but positive circumstances - I had a job waiting - made me decide to show up a week early. I've had two shifts since, and scored one of the highest sales I've ever had in my stint at Cotton Ginny! =^^= I've also found the most amazing apartment, nearby to both my work, and school. Now it's just a matter of convincing my roomies, but they're coming around to the idea ;) The price is right, the parking is good, and there's room enough for all three computers.

Yep, you heard right. I'm finally going to have my own computer back. Currently, it's in Seattle, under the TLC of Foxworth, whom you should know as a Media grunt ;) He even went out of his way to paint the rest of it black and stencil my name on it. Hopefully next update I can provide a picture.
Foxworth: Apparently Paws forgot that I uploaded the picture for her a couple days ago, and that the computer is now over at FireMyst's apartment for final shipping preparations. I prefer the term 'Media Specialist'.

A couple of staff changes have occurred. Jade Falcon has with all grace stepped down from his staff reviews position, and ASV has been moved up to a full staffer. He'll begin taking on the duties of co-updater as of this update. Congrats to ASV.

I now touch briefly upon the sad incident last week in the U.S. Tuesday, I spent most of the day comforting friends and breaking up fights when tempers rode high. I also noticed a marked lack of reviews (and email traffic in general) after the tragedy. When I mentioned this falloff to Red Raven, he replied with such an eloquent turn of phrase, he agreed to let me share it in my next update. Here's what he said:

Red Raven:
As far as the reviews drying up...that's understandable. As an American citizen, sure I feel mad, depressed, patriotic, and all that, but I also feel that the best thing I could do right now is what I would normally be doing. If I become paranoid or change my entire life because of the terrorist's actions, then they've won. Thus, the reviews will continue. Besides, I don't understand how people CANNOT find writing reviews fun. I love it. ;)

Let's learn and move on from the ashes, and let normalcy creep back into our lives. That means writing me a review, right? ;)

Reviews Submissions BooBoos

Once again, over the past month, reviews from first time writers has had a huge upswing. This is a great thing to see! However, first time reviewers often never submit again because they are rejected. They are rejected for the most part because of format errors - the scores are missing, something has not been touched upon in the review, there is unsuitable material in the review such as spoilers or swears. But these are only errors. Everybody makes them. Heck, Red Raven still gets rejected every other review ;) A rejection doesn't mean you give it up. It means you fix what I've asked you to fix (I always give suggestions how to do this), and resubmit. Reviews are usually accepted the second time around, and I can remember only one review getting more than two rejections.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead & Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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