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[08/20/01]: Wow, who the heck is that stranger? Could it possibly be...Paws?! Oh my gosh! Wow. Yep, it's me. I know, you all can swat me for not updating for a month and a half. I'm glad you all treated Ciddy nicely while I was gone, and I'm especially appreciative to all those who submitted reviews to him.

Now, I know you probably were quite worried about the title of the update. No worries, I'm not quitting. I'm actually joined by two new staff reviewers. You'd know them as ASV and Jade Falcon. Yep, guess what? If you wanna get hired for reviews, you need to write reader reviews! So, get writing. Maybe YOU will be eligible in the next round!

I've brought ASV, Zack, along on the ride that I call an update this week. Expect Jade Falcon to be making an appearance as well in the next several weeks as they both learn the ins and outs of staffdom. You'll notice ASV has been hard at work and posting on index, while Jade Falcon has kicked it back nearly a year and laid out his review. Check the out amazing selection of work below.

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"Are you hiring?"
I really wish people would sit back and just THINK for a minute. If you emailed up, say, AT&T and said "Hey, I want a job!", do you think they'd hire you? Nuh uh. Basic rule: I'm NOT hiring. When I do, I pick from my writers. Why the seeming nepotism? Very simple. Getting a review through staff is a LOT harder than a normal reader review, and if you're not familiar with RPGamer, you'll never cut it as a staffer. Trust me on this one.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead and Zachary "ASV" Lewis

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    ASV did all the code for this update, so if it's broke, we ALL know whose fault it is ;)
    Oh, and also congratulate him for going RED. Almost was the first reader, but I stole him away in time ;P
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    Paper Mario: The Mushroom Diet 6 Reader: Mike Lemmer
    Lufia 2: Rise Of The Sinistrals - Retroview
    Delightfully Simple Refreshment 9 Reader: TheShroud13
    Breath Of Fire IV - Review
    The Legend Of The Silent Dragon 7 Staffer: Jade Falcon
    Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction - Review
    Return To The Mouse-Click Madness 8 Staffer: Jake Alley
    Final Fantasy Chronicles - Review
    The Long Haul Is Over 4 Staffer: ASV

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