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On the Road to Floridian Cities


Welcome to another installation of PsoV. Please excuse the corny Pokemon reference above, but if I may add a touch of irony, I'll probably be playing quite a bit of the game while I'm on the road with my family on our way to Orlando, Florida to visit my Aunt! Nice place, they can walk to Disney World. In any case, I'll be gone, but don't fret, as I shall return sometime next week, probably by Friday. Also, Paws is back from vacation, waiiiiiiiiiiiii, so all of you who are sick of me or just generally hate me can be at ease, she should be back next update unless some strange act of God should intervene.

But enough of the future, today's update scratches off a few more games off the Begone! list, as it's been so aptly dubbed, which is always a good thing. I swear I'll update that once I get time, really. *ducks incoming tomatoes and assorted vegetables* Well, enough of my ranting. I bid you all farewell, and I'll be sure to think of you all as I bask in the infinite coolness that is Seaworld, and other fun places like that. Ciao.

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