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[06/22/01]:After the drought we've been having lately of staff reviews, we're going to kick it into high gear. You'll be seeing a lot more reviews out of the staff for the next little while ;)

My apologies this is late. A few things IRL have been keeping me busy (mainly attempting to find a job), and I've also been doing media (as you can see from the index), as well as a couple other online responsibilities. I really need to start cutting back. Phew.

BTW, be sure to check out the two reader reviews we have this update; both are new games from new authors (Hi Traks. It's up now >:P), and they're both very well done.

I've scaled down the sidebar, because my openings seem to be getting shorter these days. Hope this reorganization helps.

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Since games released in sets of two or three are becoming popular, I guess I should clear this up. Pokémon games review as one game, because everything is the same with the exception of a few monster. Zelda games review separately, because plot, dungeons, and items are different. This will hopefully stop them stem of emails I've been getting on the subject ;)
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead and Stewart "CiddypooKun" Bishop
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An entire update of submissions done in HTML. I'm impressed.
Chrono Trigger - Retroview
Time and Again 9 Staffer: Jake Alley
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Review
Konami's Second Symphony 7 Staffer: Jake Alley
Threads of Fate - Retroview
[(Relic)] Hunter 6 Staffer: Castomel
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages - Review
Buy something! A Shield for 50 Rupees? 10 Reader: MarioMax
Dark Cloud - Review
Good Enough 8 Reader: Traks

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