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  Dynamite Rave! - 06/03/01  

Paws: Okay, so, it's a little bit after the last update was, but, a lot of things happened all at once so I'll try to make this as brief as possible.

1. I moved! I'm now living in a place called Kingston, Ontario (which is about 6 hours south of where I was living before). I'll be here until September, when I'm moving to PEI to go to school.

2. Because I moved, unfortunately, I lost my job. I was hoping to get a transfer, but unfortunately it didn't go through. I've been job hunting, but nobody's hiring right now (not even McD's!) unless you're from a certain group (students, and mature workers). Blah.

3. I have a new position at RPGamer! Yep, you might have noticed my name popped up a few times on index. I'm now Head of New Media. Don't worry, I'm not giving up running PsoV or doing staff reviews.

4. I've been doing a lot of organizing, reshuffling, etc, in my living space, so that meant a bit of time away from the computer. Thankfully, I now have a cable connection, so it's much easier to get online now.

5. Okay, this one's not quite as important, but I've been doing a bit more MUSHing lately. I'm now trying to put together an interesting theme story that combines all the Final Fantasy games together, and I'm also roleplaying Waspinator at a Beast Wars MUSH. Thankfully neither takes too much time ;)

Guess that catches you up on everything. Good luck to the American high school students, who will be going into exams this week or next.

Oh, and congrats to Evan Khaleghi for being the first to guess the quote...even though he thought the band was Canadian. Honorable mention also goes to Terra V. Cota, who actually likes the band too. So take that, Evan :P~~~

Ciddy: What she said. Anyway, we got a little selection here, including a review on Ultima IX o_O Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that coming *snicker* Well, as Paws said, us American high school students are going into exams about this time, and I just so happen to be one of those students...Exams and standardized tests, whoo! I've been participating in class reviews in style, pronounced "Zelda: Oracle of Ages." Nifty little game it is, but I'm just a sucker for time travel ;P Well, anyway, I've got two term papers, a commentary, a ToK presentation and several tests to attend this coming week, so you know what that means---

*goes off to play more DDR*

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