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  Live from Charlottetown : 03/23/01  

[03/23/01] - Right now I'm sitting in Charlottetown, PEI. What?? You don't know where that is? Huh. Okay. Here is a map of all of Canada. Look over to the right hand side. See it? It's a small island called Prince Edward Island. It can be seen here. It's our smallest province, and part of what we call the 'Maritime' provinces. I adjusted to the one hour ahead of time quite easily, though it does mean all my friends on the west coast are 4 hours behind. Phew!

On some supercoolgreat news, I have...*drum rolls* PSO! YAY! WOO! ALRIGHT! It is very cool so far. My friends and fellow staffers will not be surprised to hear she has purple hair and outfit ;) We shall see about trying to play online when I get back home to Ontario, but before I left I had already beaten one quest. Very cool game so far.

My trip afforded me a ton of time to play Pokémon Gold as well, which Jay (that's the guy whom I'm crashing with) lent to me. I've caught rare pokémon he missed, nyah ;). However I was nice enough to breed some for him like Pineco, Qwilfish, and Heracross.

Thank you to everyone who added me and was added to MSNM. I hope to chat with most of you soon, if I haven't already. I have Messenger here in PEI as well as IRC, so I'm staying in touch with everyone.

I'm going to be having an April Fool's Day spoof update! Anybody who wants to submit a 'spoof' review (badly written, giving SoE a 10, totally trashing FFVI, stuff like that) should submit before March 31st. You have one short week so get cracking ;)

Now, onto the fine selection of reviews:

Reviews Submissions BooBoos

Today's Lesson:"o/~ Just call me Al o/~."
I have many names for my many authors. Just looking at the archives you can see a wide assortment of real and fake names. However, do note that some names are inappropriate and/or unsuitable. Please try to keep this in mind when deciding what name to write under. I've already had to ask people to...tone it down. Some things just don't wash: you'll never see a FrEaKaZoId writing here. Whether that's good or bad, well, you be the judge :).
Today's Lesson #2:"FEEDBACK!"
A lot of my authors are dismayed to find how little feedback they get from their reviews. They've pleaded with me to tell people to feel free to email them about reviews they've written, so here I am doing it. Surprisingly Red Raven despite being my most published author, is one crying out for said feedback. C'mon, readers, write them! Their email is listed both in their review and on the main update page. It's a link meant to open in an email client, but you can also C&P it into an email browser like Hotmail.
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

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Key to Table:
White: 1-4 reviews submitted.
Bronze: 5-9 reviews submitted.
Silver: 10-14 reviews submitted.
Gold: 15+ reviews submitted.

Two new authors today who actually put a lot of efforts into their corrections, even if they didn't come out perfect ;)
Final Fantasy IX - Review
The Place Square will Return to Someday 10 Reader: MrCHUPON
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete - Review
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts... 7 Reader: Red Raven
Persona 2: Eternl Punishment - Review
Not your generic RPG platter 9 Reader: Ahmed Saad
Phantasy Star Online - Review
A breath of fresh air to us hermits!!! 10 Reader: Paddy
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Review
Title 6 Reader: ASV
Paper Mario - Review
Bowser isn't getting any smarter 8 Staffer: Mikel Tidwell

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