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  Freedom and Such : 03/09/01  

[03/09/01] - Quick note, Paws hasn't been able to get online most of this week, but will be back tuesday to send reviews back for revisions and a new update.
  - Googleshng

[03/09/01] - So, my parents went on vacation for 2 weeks. What did I do the day they left? I got a tattoo! =^^= Yep. I got it done on my arm: Paws in katakana. It looks very cool. I like it. I doubt my parents will, hehehehehehe. I'm contemplating getting my little =^^= tattooed on my arm right above it. We'll see about the cost.

Life has ben pretty hectic and I hope to get some down time with my friends soon. I'm trying to put together a weekend of Magic: The Gathering and Super Smash Brothers with a group of buddies.

Stewart's computer is sick :( Unfortunately that means the archives may fall a bit behind as I am extremely busy opening our new store and poor Stewart is rarely online. If you will be crossing to a new color title (bronze, silver, gold), please tell me when submitting! It will hopefully save anybody from not getting their due. Like how jaraph actually went bronze last update. Oops =^^;;=

Oh, I've also picked up MSN Messenger, for those of my readers/writers who wish to chat with me. Just drop me an email (you need to have MSNM already ;P) and I'll try to add ya! However, be warned, annoying me over MSNM will be at your own peril :). I also have ICQ, but I'm rarely, if ever, on, because it keeps getting deleted. Anyway, MSN Messenger. Yay :).

Oh, right, the reviews! A few goodies here and there. I'm finding we're getting a lot of Chrono Cross reviews still, so be forewarned I'm gonna be darn tough on them, and I may turn it away and ask for it to be resubmitted in a couple months. Also, enough time has passed since I've received many SO2 reviews, so they're not restricted any more.

Reviews Submissions BooBoos

Today's Lesson:"Here's the URLs for my screens...from another site!"
I don't mind screens from another site. Just because we usually have them...but, hey, not everybody loves digging through our files like me ;)... actually, when I put up screens, I randomly choose. Anyway, if you're submitting screens for a review from another site, you'll need to download them from that site, zip or rar them together and send them along with the review. My submissions guidelines give file types. Oh, and just as a side note: watermarks are okay, and I understand most sites use them, but HUGE watermarks take up too much of the screen when they're minimized. I have asked for another screen before, though it's only happened 3 or 4 times. Here's fair warning ;)
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

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I'm working on a little section called 'code help', which will walk you through how to fill in the review template correctly. When it goes up, even my normal HTMLers should give it a once-over, since there is usually one or two things forgotten ;)
Skies of Arcadia - Review
Simply Breathtaking 9 Reader: Howard Kleinman
Vagrant Story - Review
Dark Side of the Moon 7 Reader: Red Raven
Valkyrie Profile - Review
Not your typical RPG. 9 Reader: Paul Beaudoin
Final Fantasy IV - Retroview
A Story Worth Reading 8 Reader: jaraph
Chrono Cross - Review
Best played with Chrono x'ed out 6 Reader: Silver_X

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