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  The Light at the End of the Tunnel : 01/25/00  

[01/25/00] - There is a light! I can see it now! It's Friday the 26th! Yes, the last day of high school, my only exam day. Aaaaahhhhh. I am gonna walk out of that exam feeling so good. However, Friday's also gonna be a busy day, I believe. First a 2 hour exam, then a 4 hour shift at one job, 3 hours at the other, then a Magic tournament, then I'm going out of town for the weekend. Phew! Can't wait.

I've been playing FFIX. Ooooo, it's good so far. I freely admit I am utterly addicted to Chocobo Hot & Cold. When asked why I liked such a brainless activity, I pointed out one of its' charms must be that it is brainless. Simple things amuse simple minds I guess....

I'm on disc 3 now, and I've finally gotten my own airship. I'm kinda disappointed Regent Cid doesn't have a squishy sound to go with his new form, though. Oh, well, at least it's funny when he gwoks! My Tetra Master ranking is 702 right now (so I'm a leader), and I've gotten 6 of my 8 chocographs I've dug up. I was able to find my way to Chocobo Lagoon, finally. The first time I went there I landed on the island above it and got smearified by some dragon wielding Thundaga. There wasn't even enough left of me to yell "Chow's on!".

Oh, yeah, we have some reviews today, too. Not as many as I'd like to see, but I still have my hopes high for you guys =^^=. Check out the 7th Saga review and the Legend of Mana review. Both are well written. The 7th Saga review is one of the best first time writers I've seen in a long time (comparable to Red Raven, actually) and the LoM brings sarcasm to a fine point. ASV does a pretty good job in the write, too, even if I don't agree with him. Then again, I like cutesy and anime-ish styles.

Also on an interesting note, each of the reviews below is the first one done by a reader for their particular game. *rubs her paws together* Soon, list, I'll get you-and your little dog too! Mwahahha-*cough, hack*.

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Today's Lesson:"There wasn't an update, so I didn't submit anything..."
Gah! I've heard this a lot since I've come back. Silly puppies, if we're not updating, we have nothing to update with! If you don't see an update going up, email in those reviews pronto to get PsoV back on track!
  - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

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Wow, there's a lot of real oldies here. I think I have a lot of respect for those that kept them all these years =^^=. Also congrats to ASV who goes bronze this update.
The 7th Saga - Retroview
Because Sometimes You Should Throw Your Controller 7 Reader: jaraph
Dragon Warrior III - Retroview
Baramos Gonus... HeeHeeHee... 7 Reader: ASV
Illusion of Gaia - Retroview
A Boy & His Dark Space 6 Reader: ASV
Legend of Mana - Review
The Long Awaited Mammon 3 Reader: ASV
Vanguard Bandits - Review
"I protect peace and candy!" 8 Staffer: Paws

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