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  Abject Embarassment : 01/18/00  

[01/18/00] - Did you miss me? ;) I have a lot of things to say, so bear with me here.

First off, some apologies. I must apologize to all you faithful and new readers for disappearing for basically 6 weeks. Unfortunately, at the same time my work schedule basically doubled, and 3 projects came due, I decided to install new stuff in my computer. In retrospect, this was a bad decision due to timing. However, it happened, and thankfully Googleshng was able to take up the reins while I was gone. Goog has my eternal love, as usual. I also must apologize to my colleagues. You guys deserve better than what I was able to put forth. Hopefully I can make it up to everyone.

Secondly, as you may or may not have realized, we had a touch of email problems while I was gone. That means, if you submitted anything after the update on Dec 12, there is a chance it didn't make it to us. At the same time, I was expecting a fall in submissions due to the fact that most of my submitters were going through heavy duty due dates and/or exams, as well as going home for the holidays where they may or may not have net access. In the end, if you don't see your review posted, resubmit please :) Now that we're all back (hopefully) to regular schedules, things will pick back up again. I'm hoping for some time soon a 15-review update. You guys can do it :) That's more than 2 reviews per day (assuming I update every 7-10 days as my usual schedule), and accepted reviews at that. C'mon, you guys must have gotten a slew of games from the holidays and plenty of time to play, too! Gimme! ;)

Thirdly, while this doesn't seem to impact PsoV directly, it will. After a long time thinking, some sweat and tears, and some serious though on what I'd like to do with my life and where I'd like to live for the next couple years, I've decided to take some time off of school. I will be finishing my high school at the end of January. Personally, I am simply getting tired of school and I feel that since after 6 years of high school I am almost dragging myself to class every day, if I don't take a break I will burn out. I haven't decided the full length of when I will go back though it won't be sooner than a year and a half. How does this effect you? Simple: less time on school means...more time for PsoV! It also means I'm not stuck constantly working 12:30-9:30 and can take alternative morning shifts which leaves me the entire evening for PsoV work. It also means more hours at my RL job, meaning enough money to finally get that computer upgrade (more about that later). The only season I get completely swamped with hours in my current job is December (as you have obviously witnessed), so I should be able to keep up with you all now :)

Ah, yes, now, to the computer. I'm getting a sweet little deal on a used P2-233 (or is it 266?) chip already installed in a motherboard, a nice case to put it in and some goodies on the side like a nice modem and a sound and/or video card. I'll still be stuck with Esmerelda's old 850MB hard drive, but now that I have a CD-RW I am thinking of writing many of my programs to a CD and running them off of it. The new computer should have enough memory to do this :) Actually, I've been able to now pick up the computer, and everything is ready except for the hard drive which needs to be formatted by a friend. After that, I get to try installing Win98 for the first time on my own. Everyone, cross your fingers and hope I don't break it! =^^;=

Phew, that's a lotta stuff to cover. I'm very excited to be back and I hope to hear from my dedicated writers soon, as well as seeing fresh new faces. I'm sure you all made new year's resolutions to write reviews, right? :)

The world must be conspiring against me ;) Just when I have time to do an update, I come down with a stomach infection and end up flat on my back drink Gatorade. 2L of the lemon-lime stuff a day. Good thing I like Gatorade. Since I couldn't sit up, it was kinda hard to work on the computer. My apologies. However, having being forced to spend so much time in bed which is conveniently right next to my TV, I am thoroughly addicted to Chocobo Hot and Cold.

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    Now that we've all fished our minds out of anything we shouldn't be swimming in, I'd like to encourage many of you 'long time readers, first time writers' to send in reviews! :) Like I said earlier, the holiday season usually bring a couple games into everyone's loving hands and now you can show how much you enjoyed or despised that present with flair. C'mon, how hard is it? ;) I promise not to bite.
      - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

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