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  Widespread Problems Part 1 : 12/12/00  

[12/12/00] - This week has been most unlucky for us here at RPGamer. A DNS bug made the site impossible for some people to access, I'm low on submissions both here and for Q&A, probably due to that last bit, Paws' computer is in pieces, and C.C. had a whole slew of problems, including but not limited to a temporary lack of an e-mail client. Anyway, hopefully this week everything will get back to normal, and Paws will have a whole slew of reviews for you. Just to be safe though, keep submitting to me for now. Oh, and if you submitted a review in the last two weeks and I didn't post it, resend it or point it out to me, because I'm almost sure I'm posting everything I have here.

Oh, and by the way, this here is the 25th update of Points of View ever, just thought you'd like to know that.

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    When writing a review, part of your job is to give every aspect of the game a score from 1-10, with 5 being average. I've noticed that most people tend to think 9 is GREAT, 7 is good, and 5 is just OK. Now, when you get right down to it, the average RPG is pretty darn good. I've played most of them myself, and the only ones I actually disliked can be counted on one hand. So keep that in mind, if a game is pretty fun, but not mindblowing, aim for a 5, not a 7. This goes double for subscores. When's the last time you played an RPG with BAD graphics or music? Oh, and if you can't bring yourself to lower your mental scoring like that, here's two tricks: Take all your scores, subtract 5 from them, than double them. Then if you have a review that gives all 7s and 10s, with the 7s being stuff that's just OK, it'll turn into a pile of 5s and 10s, which is what you'd really want. For something more exact, you can put every game on the same scale. Take every single RPG you've ever played, multiply that number by 5. Then take that number and, for each score divide it out among all those games. Not only will this guarantee that you'll give average games average scores, but you'll have scores for every RPG you've ever played, making it that much easier to review them all down the road! 8)
      - Googleshng
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