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  It'sa me! : 12/05/00  

[12/05/00] - Hi! Google here. For those who weren't paying attention, just for a little change of pace, Paws and I are trading jobs for a week. Being the masochist I am, I insisted on doing 2 of these updates. That means of course I couldn't work on this all week because I had columns, or this weekend, because I watched all of Those Who Hunt Elves and Slayers Next. I forgot watching Slayers makes you want to play AD&D though, so as soon as I finish this up I'm off to find a DM! Now, here's a couple parting tips from Paws, followed by a couple from me.

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  • HTML Template: Screens
    You guys are still doing an awesome job at this :) However, I'm noticing a few problems popping up with the screens. One, look carefully at the code. You need to fill in the URL twice: once for the href (the link to the picture) and once for the src (the image of the picture within the review). These links can be hard links (/games/etc/etc/screens/screenname.jpg), or soft links (games/etc/etc/screens/screenname.gif). Just inserting 'screenname.jpg' is not encouraged as images aren't kept in the same file as the reviews, and I have trouble tracking down the image to link it correctly. They also need to be subtitled 2 different places, one as an alt (which can be anything), and once as text (which is what is shown below the image).

  • HTML Template: Overall Score
    General rule of thumb: if you can't figure it out, submit it with the correct information in the email. Don't change my code to get it to work :). That's very bad, and it happens the most often in the overall score. What you're looking for is a small href link that contains '/graphics/review/number.gif'. You'll want to replace the word 'number' with a digit (as in the symbol and not the written word), from 1-10.
  • Back Buttons
    Google now. At the bottom of the review template is a back button. Nobody seems to realize this. If you have the time, figuring out where to point it isn't that hard. While you're gathering screens, just look at the name of the screens page, and replace the "ss" with "reviews". It makes Paws' job that much easier.
  • Flow Break!
    (What, I said I've been watching Slayers all day!) Ahem. This was covered for a long time when Jake Alley guest hosted Q&A, but that's not where you look for tips like this is it. Simply put, when you write a review, you shouldn't just go down the list of subscores and write a paragraph about each. Just write two pages worth of text talking about the game, and then go back and make sure you covered everything. Reading "The plot is..." "The music is..." "The visuals are..." isn't as enjoyable as something that sounds more natural.
      - Googleshng
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    Thanks for all the HTMLized reviews, and text with picture urls and blurbs. Made my job so much easier.
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    The start of something great. 8 Staffer: Jake Alley
    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Retroview
    A Semi-Musical Adventure 8 Staffer: Stewart Bishop
    Torneko: The Last Hope - Review
    A tried and true combination lives on 7 Staffer: Mikel Tidwell
    Final Fantasy IX - Review
    FFIX proves that old concepts can still be fresh 9 Staffer: Jimmy Avistetto
    The Fantasy has returned 9 Reader: Erik
    Another Fantasy Arrives and All is Right With the World 10 Reader: Howard Kleinman
    Breath of Fire - Retroview
    Making Of The Legend 7 Reader: ASV
    Final Fantasy - Retroview
    Where It All Began 6 Reader: Robust Stu
    Final Fantasy VII - Retroview
    The Best You Can Get? 10 Reader: Dan Highwind
    Quest for Glory 3 - Retroview
    Perhaps the Greatest PC RPG Ever 8 Reader: Robust Stu
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Retroview
    The Golden Land 8 Reader: ASV

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