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  Starring Red Raven : 11/27/00  

[11/27/00] - You thought you were done with him? No, not yet. He's still kickin' for his own PsoV showcase. Here he is:

Red Raven:
Bienvenidos, gamers! I just happen to be Red Raven, aka "The Big Secret," and you'll be enjoying my nonsensical banter today. And what fine nonsensical banter it is! But before we go any further, I can tell that you're probably wondering just who the heck I am, and why I've hijacked today's update.

The short version is that I'm Red Raven, the reader who's gone gold first. Pretty impressive, I know. Hopefully you've read a few of my reviews, sheesh, I did 15 of them! But in the off-chance that you just didn't read 'em at the time, you can correct the errors of your ways and check out at least 4 of them down at the bottom. What's better, they happen to be some of my best work. *wink wink*

But since I've got your attention, might as well plaster you with crazy sound bites about my merry little self. I happen to be a 17-year-old Junior, hopelessly trapped in a ramshackle town·sorry·village called West Jefferson. Famous for the largest concentration of hicks in the county, West Jefferson also offers strong executive leadership. Leadership that has the gumption and vision to misplace 40 tons of road salt near the town water supply. Oops! If you do plan to visit West Jeff in the near future·uh·don't?

That's probably all you can handle of me for now. But fret not; I won't be disappearing anytime soon. That's a definite maybe! Like a bad penny, I'll resurface from time to time with a new game review for all of you guys' eager little eyes. I also plan to help out Silkenray in Media Central with reviews for any RPG Maker games that pop up. Just think, your gaming masterpiece might be reviewed by me! What an honor! So start sending them soon, I'll be waiting. On that note, I must bid ado to you fellow readers, and give a big "Peace, ho!" to my amigos back in WJ, Andreas, Aaron, and yes, even David. Remember kiddies, stay away from Dayquil and those cough drops while driving! Haha!

-Red Raven

Paws Again:
First, my abject apologies for this being up so late. Personal cow turd got in the road of me updating. Also, I really need a break from PsoV. Not that I don't love it, just that I need a change for a bit. So, Googleshng and I are swapping jobs for a week. Goog will do 2 PsoV updates and I will do a week's worth of Q&A. It's a good trade. So submit those reviews to Google for now. Those who have already submitted to reviews@, no worries, your work is being handed over :)

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      - Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead
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    Everyone Wants to Rule the World... 7 Reader: Red Raven
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    TENTH Review - Tactics Ogre - Retroview
    An Exercise in Patience 6 Reader: Red Raven
    FIFTEENTH Review - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Retroview
    Old-School Fights Back 7 Reader: Red Raven

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