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Unofficial Staff Reviews
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow [Read] Bryan Boulette An Entrancing Aria 4.5/5
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [Read] Drew Cosner Everything You'd Expect A Castlevania To Be 4.5/5
Deus Ex 2 - Invisible War [Read] John Boske We Wanted Orange, We Got Lemon-Lime 2.5/5
Diablo [Read] Stewart Bishop Go To Hell... And Back 3.5/5
Diablo [Read] Joshua Maciel Diablo 4.0/5
Dragon Warrior [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin Here's a Stick, Go Save the World 3.0/5
Dragon Warrior [Read] Bill Johnson In the Beginning... 2.5/5
Dragon Warrior II [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin Small Improvements 3.0/5
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind [Read] John Boske Expansive Yet Empty 3.5/5
Elemental Gimmick Gear [Read] Jeff Davis Elemental Gimmick Gear 3.5/5
Fallout [Read] John Boske I Critically Hit the Sheriff 4.5/5
Final Fantasy Adventure [Read] Rachel Steiner Marching Along We're Adventurers! 3.0/5
Final Fantasy Anthology [Read] Jeff Davis Final Fantasy Anthology 4.0/5
Final Fantasy IV [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin Switching Sides 3.5/5
Final Fantasy Legend (Makaitoushi SaGa) [Read] Rachel Steiner The Stuff That Dreams are Made of, eh? 2.0/5
Final Fantasy Legend III (Jikuuno Hasha SaGa 3) [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin When Evil Water Jugs Attack... 3.0/5
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin Don't Let The Name Fool You 2.0/5
Final Fantasy Tactics [Read] Rob Parton Who Scribbled On the Painting??? 3.5/5
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin The Law Of The Land 2.5/5
Final Fantasy VIII [Read] Hunter Wilcox Final Fantasy VIII 4.5/5
Final Fantasy VIII [Read] Ryan Amos Import - Square Sets the Standard Once Again 4.5/5
Final Fantasy X-2 [Read] Jeff Walker A Thousand Words 4.5/5
Final Fantasy X-2 [Read] Derek 'Roku' Cavin A Few Years Later... 3.0/5
Front Mission III [Read] Jake Alley Mecha Are Just Plain Fun 4.5/5
Grandia II [Read] Jimmy Avistetto Another Very Good Effort From GameArts 3.5/5

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