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Golden Sun - 5 Screens 8.26 19:50
Relatively little is known about Camelot's upcoming RPG for the Game Boy Advance, Golden Sun, but based on these screenshots, its graphics blow previous portable-system RPGs out of the water. Take a look!
Nintendo Gamecube Unveiled 8.25 17:50
     Nintendo's "Project Dolphin" is now a reality! Find out about the new Gamecube's specifications, release dates, and more inside!
Game Boy Advance Unveiled 8.25 21:42
  The successor to Nintendo's everlasting Game Boy has finally been brought into the spotlight. Inside, learn more abut the system and find out when you can expect to get your very own GBA!
Gamecube and Game Boy Advance - 27 Images 8.25 21:42
A bunch of screens of both the Game Boy Advance and Gamecube hardware, as well as some demo shots of both systems in action. Check them out!
Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Power - Screens 8.25 15:02
  The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Power (as it may be called) has had a showing at Spaceworld, providing us with these seven new screens for your viewing pleasure.

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Nintendo 64
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  ·  Zelda: Majora's Mask

Game Boy Color
  ·  Grandia: Parallel Trippers
  ·  Harvest Moon: Boy Meets Girl
  ·  Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Power
  ·  Pokémon Crystal
  ·  Tales of Phantasia: Similar Dungeon

Game Boy Advance
  ·  Fire Emblem
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  ·  Magical Vacation
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