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September 28, 2003
Updater on duty: Googleshng

The foul beast Ragweed doth do me ill this eve. Yes yes, pollen isn't a beast, but that's splitting hairs.

Oh yes, and special thanks to DMC for suggesting this week's topic on copycat games, as well as last week's on serialization. Additional thanks to the anonymous reader who suggested the clothing issue.

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This Week's Topics
Tasteful Costumes
It used to be that the average RPG character would go around in your standard suit of armor, or simple tunic, typical fantasy fare. In recent years however, more games seem to feature characters looking more like what you'd see on the covers of fantasy novels, with chainmail bikinis being on the conservative side.
Humor in RPGs
We generally have an all or nothing situation, getting a complete angst-fest, or the occasional pile of silliness. Do you think we need more moderation in this area?
Copycat Games
It's a plainly observable fact that whenever a popular RPG comes along, everyone in the world starts aping the main gimmicks.
This Week's Panelists
Panelist #1 Vital Signs
Name: Googleshng
Location: Connecticut
Background: Head of Interaction, Roundtables
Panelist #2 Vital Signs
Name: Brian Hagen
Location: Alabama
Background: Media
Panelist #3 Vital Signs
Name: Zachary Lewis
Location: Oregon
Background: Reviews
Panelist #4 Vital Signs
Name: Susan Richardson
Location: Pennsylvania
Background: Former Fan Art Curator
Panelist #5 Vital Signs
Name: "Bartkusa"
Location: Wisconsin
Background: Media
Panelist #6 Vital Signs
Name: "Drethelin"
Background: Rabid Gamer
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