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Quick, The Alka-Seltzer!

August 12, 2003
Updater on Duty: Michael Bischoff

The Roundtable was supposed to be posted on Sunday, but a nasty cold afflicted me over the weekend, thus delaying my getting this uploaded. My apologies.

As for this part of the site, Googleshng and I will be taking over here full time. So, for those of you wondering if Goog was going to disappear from the site, worry not, his new home is right here. Our new plan is put these together weekly, which will be quite a task. Therefore, we will probably be splitting the duty of updating the roundtable on a bi-weekly basis. Of course, that's just pure speculation on my part, but something I'll probably put forward before 'da boss. As part of making the Roundtable a weekly gig, we want to make this a true Interaction section. Therefore, we encourage you, the readers to submit to us an application to join the weekly discussions as a guest panelist, or submit your own topics for us to discuss! There will certainly be other things revealed in the coming weeks about how we'll be handling this section, so hang tight for now.

Finally, if you skipped this part and are wondering why Cortney seemed to disappear, it's because we were discussing this late into the wee hours of the morning, and she needed to sleep. That's why you won't see any closing from her. So, onto the Roundtable!

Michael Bischoff


Topics of Discussion

The opinions expressed in the following topics are the opinions of these four staff members and two readers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of RPGamer as a whole, nor the RPGamer staff members not participating in the roundtable.

Phantom and nGage: Will they fail or succeed?
    These two new players in the video games market are going to be released this year. Do either stand a chance?
Is the Xbox doomed to RPG mediocrity?
    Since Fable has been delayed until well into 2004, is the Xbox consigned to be a failure in regards to the RPG genre?
Will the Final Fantasy brand bring more people to MMORPGs?
    Final Fantasy XI is quickly approaching in North America; will Square's MMORPG gamble pay off, and will it attract new players to MMORPGs?


This Week's Panelists

Panelist #1 Vital Signs

Name: Michael Bischoff
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Why Me? New Roundtable Director

Panelist #2 Vital Signs

Name: Cortney Stone
Location: Oklahoma
Why Me? Newsie, Editorials

Panelist #3 Vital Signs

Name: Googleshng
Location: Connecticut
Why Me? Head of Interaction, Roundtables

Panelist #4 Vital Signs

Name: Orie House
Location: Minnesota
Why Me? Newsie

Panelist #5 Vital Signs

Name: Nathan Lee
Location: Franklin, Tennessee
Why Me? Guest Panelist

Panelist #6 Vital Signs

Name: Doug Hill
Location: Arkansas
Why Me? RPGamer Alumni


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