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The Superbowl Shuffle

September 9th, 2002
Updater on Duty:Justin Weiss

There's really nothing like a professional football game. I'm lucky enough to go to the University of Illinois, where the Chicago Bears have made their temporary home this season. I managed to catch the season opener against the Vikings yesterday, and let me tell you - the energy that goes through the crowd at a game is just unbelievable. Anyway, to get to the business at hand, our roundtable tonight was lacking a component seen in the last few roundtables: A reader. Unfortunately, the reader scheduled to appear was unavailable, so we're bringing you a staff-only roundtable this time around. We'll most likely have another reader roundtable next time.

We went for some classic arguments this time around, ranging from discussions on characters in RPGs and whether or not these characters should be forced into or out of a players party to the difficulty of RPGs (or lack thereof) and how it relates to the linearity of an RPG, and the addition of secrets into the genre that are nearly impossible to find without a strategy guide or FAQ, and are really not worth it when they are found. These topics have provided some deep discussion before, and this time around is no different, and our staffers even came up with some very interesting ideas on how to get around the problems inherent in each side of the arguments. Read on, and be sure to send dissenting opinions to - I'll discuss and respond to as many of them as I can.

We're still open to applications to sit on our roundtable and talk about games with your favorite staff members of RPGamer; the link is on the sidebar to the right. Suggestions, comments, possible discussion topics, and anything else you feel like throwing my way are always welcome, and should be sent to Have a good week, and keep reading!

Justin Weiss

Topics of Discussion

The opinions expressed in the following topics are the opinions of these five staff members and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of RPGamer as a whole, nor the RPGamer staff members not participating in the roundtable.

How should characters be handled?
    The news roundtable debates the merits of the various methods of handling characters both inside and outside of battle.
How does the difficulty of RPGs measure up?
    Complaints of RPGs becoming too easy have been heard since the PlayStation era of RPGs began. Is this just a result of the increased focus on storytelling over gameplay?
Do secrets add replay value or just frustration?
    Secret areas, weapons, and bosses have become a recent staple of RPGs, but do they actually increase replay value or are they just there to sell strategy guides?

This Week's Panelists

Panelist #1 Vital Signs
Alan Knight

Name: Alan Knight
Location: England
Why Me? Fanfics Editor

Panelist #2 Vital Signs
David Looney

Name: David Looney
Location: Texas
Why Me? Guides Editor


Panelist #3 Vital Signs

Name: Googleshng
Location: Connecticut
Why Me? Q&A Master

Panelist #4 Vital Signs
Michael Bischoff

Name: Michael Bischoff
Location: Illinois
Why Me? RPGamer Mediaite


Panelist #5 Vital Signs
Justin Weiss

Name: Justin Weiss
Location: Illinois
Why Me? Roundtable Director


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