Updates in 2008

Kurisumasu keeki,    12.18.09

Summary: Some more saabisu for the holidays, along with more stuff for the Sgt. Frog game, Shiren 4, Summon Night Granthese, and some new characters for Absolute Hero Makeover.

Nouryoku,    12.11.09

Summary: Flyers for the Prof. Layton movie, treasure-hunting with Keroro, screens for Tokyo Exorcist, vague news of Digimon, safety measures for Queen's Blade, and new horizons for Etrians.

Kawaisou,    12.04.09

Summary: Muramasa's new CD collection, a very classic dungeon game, an intro to Tokyo Exorcist, and the December release dates.

Daiyoukyouin,    11.20.09

Summary: Sgt. Frog takes center stage, along with odd pastimes in Tokimeki 4, a longer look at Power Pro-kun 12, and a few new screens of WiZmans World.

Bonji,    11.06.09

Summary: Surprising bargain buys, Mews for everyone!, funny demons for Strange Journey, Star Force in Battle Network, the November release dates, and a little extra saabisu.

Saabisu,    10.30.09

Summary: Two years now, and it's time for some massive fanservice, DQ9 for the drums, a return to Neverland with Spectral Force Legacy, four mobile phone games (and one post-mobile), and word on the Shonen/SE collaboration, Cross Treasures.

Mokusei,    10.23.09

Summary: The Day of the Dot has come and gone, and with it news of legendarily redundantly titled games, RPG-making for the DS, Capcom's Operation Shooting Star, a Battle Spirits action-RPG adaptation, and the cameo-fest that is Shonen's White Comic. Oh, and a review of the Tales of Vesperia movie.

Kamakiri,    10.09.09

Summary: Rock out to Square Enix club remixes, along with a puzzling label on a sports game, more cameos in Lord of Vermilion 2, the latest wanderings of Shiren, and Fate/EXTRA.

Zenchishi,    10.02.09

Summary: World War Moe returns, along with new websites for Iron Master, new board game RPGs, kitty-cat cameos in Phantasy Star games, some cute girls of gaming, and the October release list..

Keshigomu,    9.24.09

Summary: Badman returns in 3D (sort of), Nippon Ichi brings us an Absolute Hero Makeover, an introduction to Atelier Lina, and a first look at WiZmans World.

Enpitsu,    9.18.09

Summary: Takarazuka does Phoenix Wright, a New Frontier for S-E, enrolling at the Super Robot Academy, and a belated update on Summon Night X - Tears Crown.

Yobisenkyo,    9.07.09

Summary: After the elections, we have "political endorsements" for online games, the return of MedaBots, more 3D Dot Heroes, cute little Okami, and the September release dates.

Omiyage,    8.28.09

Summary: Summer souvenirs, along with game-related movie news, 3D Dot Heroes, some combat shots from The Another World (finally!), and kids hunting the other set of elements.

Hibakusha,    8.11.09

Summary: A surprisingly large update with special foods from Item Getter, odd crossover choices for Lord of Vermilion, more SaGa 2 goodness, the August Release Dates, Luminous Arc 3, a 28-year-old Wizardry game, and the newest in Pokémon Dungeons.

Kyoshitsu,    8.04.09

Summary: One more bit on Heroic Failures, the new Yggdra title, Sting's other new Force on the horizon, and the Diva of Antiphona.

Mushigari,    7.17.09

Summary: A rather buggy update with DQ-related goodness, cute SaGa robots, networking with Mega Man, the two faces of Inazuma Eleven 2, Famitsu's own halftime report, and some cuddly doodz.

Tanabata,    7.10.09

Summary: Another short summer update with God Eater, cheesecake pictures from Queen's Blade, links to the Blue Sphere website and a discussion on taking the shinkansen.

Oo-ame,    7.03.09

Summary: A short update this week with Mega-Pachinko, Tingle in love, Ragnarok Offline, and the July release dates.

Shiso,    6.26.09

Summary: Live from the Velvet Room, more SaGa goodness, lots of plastic figurines, weaponscrafting RPGs, and cute side-scrollers.

Oodooboru,    6.19.09

Summary: Poké-loving at McD's, a novel Japanese D&D adaptation for the DS, minor commentary on Super Robot Wars NEO, Hero Must Die, and some chirashi posters for Fire Emblem.

Kekkonshiki,    6.12.09

Summary: JP's triumphant post-E3 return, with Pikachu pedometers, Cardboard Senki, more info on the new nameless game, ROID for cellphones, the June release dates, and a better look at Blue Sphere.

Roujin,    5.29.09

Summary: Feel rejuvenated with news of the nameless game, Kanata's Adventures in Toyland, a trip to the Another Country, nearly naked Tactics Layer girls, and a glimpse of Blue Sphere.

Infuruenza,    5.22.09

Summary: The flu has come to Japan, as has news of SaGa super-soundtracks, Inazuma Eleven's rise from the ashes, assorted swag for Agarest Senki Zero, Class of Heroes II animated shorts, a new downloadable DQ title, and more cleavage from Queen's Blade.

Kumo no ito,    5.15.09

Summary: Creepy crawlies, collectible cuties, a selection of fashionably bizarre items for NuGa-Cel, the obligatory SaGa II commentary, Druaga hits the VC, and a bit more color for Trinity Universe.

Souji shimasu,    5.08.09

Summary: Art exhibitions, a Famitsu rerun, a little info on Linebarrels of Iron, a new cross-over RPG, and some good old-fashioned cosplay gaming.

Midori no Hi,    5.01.09

Summary: After listening to the Atelier Annie drama CD, we look at Tir-nan-Og, skim through the Famitsu Readers' Choice Awards for Sequels, and ogle the latest uber-critter from the Pokémon mill.

Wagashi & Younashi,    4.24.09

Summary: Today we learn about Heroic Failures, the new Agarest Senki title, a very picturesque (and frantic) action game, and Shining Force's surprising new platform.

Yasetai,    4.17.09

Summary: A little swag, a little TP, some Sky Explorers, waving a Takt of Magic, soccer game news, some new material from the Atelier, and Gaijin's personal Pokémon rip-offs.

Shinjitsu,    4.10.09

Summary: The truth comes out, Square Enix invades MySpace, JP changes its sales lists, Class of Heroes gets a sequel, we learn about Queen's Blade, and A Witch's Tale gets some more coverage.

Majime ni shiyou!,    4.01.09

Summary: The Japanese Bureau of Verification and Fact-Checking has ascertained that this column on Japanese mobile phone games, erotic dungeon-crawlers, and cut-rate RPGs is most likely accurate.

Sotsuenshiki,    3.25.09

Summary: First screens for Atelier Rorona, real-sized Gundams, DBZ RPGs, and a new look for a spoiled princess.

Shigotohitosuji,    3.13.09

Summary: No Daylight Savings here, as we look at a new Harvest Moon game, Muramasa's special art package, Nanatama, and Atelier Annie.

Katorikku-kyokai,    3.06.09

Summary: Musings on No-Meat Fridays, Maple Story chewing gum, news on Item Getter and Kizuna

Kutsu wo haku,    2.27.09

Summary: Shoe problems, Tengai Pachinko, Arc Rise Fantasia art, old games for download, paired mobile phone game offerings, and the 2008 console RPG sales figures

Goendama,    2.20.09

Summary: Old Japanese coins, DQ Dance Remixes, first and last Shining Force Feather coverage, more Crystal Defenders, Sacred Blaze costume choices, and a couple new mobile phone RPGs.

Happyoukai,    2.13.09

Summary: Old Advertising for Mother, Cosplay Heroes, environmentally friendly RTS games, a new keitai RPG, and the 2008 RPG sales figures

Oni wa Soto!,    2.06.09

Summary: Amateur exorcisms, remakes on the PSP, a few new mobile phone games, more Retro Game Challenge, and the February release dates

Mejiro,    1.30.09

Summary: Cute little birds distract us from a slow news week with slime-y new DS accessories, a quick look at SaGa 2 heroes, 30-second RPGs, and an IRC Culture Corner

Ushi no Toshi,    1.23.09

Summary: Lunar New Year, Crystal Defenders on WiiWare, Table RPG Silver Rain, and news on production delays for Atelier Annie

Seijin no Hi,    1.16.09

Summary: Coming of Age Day, New Year's greetings from the industry, Luminous Arc & Shiren on mobile phones, a big Dungeon & Dams update, another for Mimana Iar Chronicle, and comments on the new SaGa 2 remake

Tanjoubi,    1.09.09

Summary: Birthday goodness, Phoenix Wright on stage, Holiday Dengeki, Devil Survivor update, Sacred Blaze and 7th Dragon tidbits, and January release dates.

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