Updates in 2014

Down With the Sickness,    03.31.14

This week, Oculus backers are left in the cold, King's IPO takes a tumble, Sqaure Enix is refocusing, and the Devil sabatoges a video game.

Up, Up, Down, Down,    03.21.14

Even the infamous Konami code couldn't stop the bad PR this week. Castlevania loses its guardian, Metal Gear Solid disappoints, and Disney Interactive cuts staff. If only the headlines were more positive.

Fail to the King, Baby,    02.27.14

This week, Gearbox stops 3D Realms in its tracks, Peter Molyneux disses his own game, Xbox underperforms in Japan, and a new Mana game disappoints. We also have some questions to ask you about iOS entries in classic RPG franchises.

The Sum of Eight Consecutive Primes,    02.20.14

Nintendo does the same old thing, Sonic gets a makeover, Flappy Bird dies, the Vita prepares for swimsuit season, and EA continues to disappoint

Justify My Love,    01.27.14

Buying Your Love, Nintendo Fusion, King is (Apparently) the Devil, Microsoft Purchases Gears of War, and Namco Bandai becomes Bandai Namco

Hottest News Stories & Controversies of 2013,    01.20.14

2014 is finally upon us. Now is likely the best time to recap to the most talked about and controversial news stories of 2013. Did we miss any?

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