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Knights of Pen and Paper Expansion Turns the Page


Knights of Pen & Paper II

The sequel to 2013's paperless pen-and-paper RPG, Knights of Pen & Paper II, is soon to get some new content. Fans of the virtual tabletop game will be able to spend their time doing what all heroes worth their salt dream of - hunting and slaying that foulest of creatures, the dragon. To make this task and the new high-level areas more manageable, RPGamers can now play as the titular Knight class, or invite the new Bookworm player type into the gaming group to aid them with in-depth knowledge of the game.

The expansion, titled Here Be Dragons, will also include all-new quests and locations to delve into, as well as a bestiary detailing the many creatures making Paperos unsafe. Developers Kyy Games are promising humor and adventure in equal measure when Here Be Dragons releases for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as iOS and Android devices. No firm release date has been set yet, outside of "soon" and "early 2016".

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