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Sword Coast Legends Gets Second Community Pack


Sword Coast Legends

A second community pack is now available for n-Space and Digital Extremes' licenced Dungeons & Dragons RPG, Sword Coast Legends. The community pack adds in a number of features including making the drow elf sub-race available for player characters. The update also adds in plenty of new features in the game's DM mode, including new loot, new placeable objects, a new area, tileset customisation, ambient text and dialogue for NPCs, and new quest options. The full set of patch notes for Community Pack Two is available here, with the set from the first pack available here.

The community pack is part of the developer's plan to support and improve the game post release. As detailed in a post at the end of October, a third community pack is planned for release in the next month — which will include mod support, a tile-based level editor, and a branching dialog editor — as well as Rage of Demons expansion. All of the currently announced DLC and updates are free of charge.

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