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PlayStation 4 Gets Two Level-5 Classics


Rogue Galaxy

Ahead of this year's PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco, Sony announced that some classic PlayStation 2 titles will be made available to download and play on the PlayStation 4. Eight titles are part of the initial batch revealed, which include two RPGs developed by Level-5 — Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy — and will be available to download today in North America and Europe. Both Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy will cost $14.99, with the European pricing not yet confirmed.

Dark Cloud was originally released in 2001 and combines its action RPG base with elements of city-building games. The game sees players control Toan, a young boy whose village is destroyed in a dark ritual and is tasked with return the sealed-away people and buildings. Dark Cloud received a spiritual sequel, also released for PlayStation 2, titled Dark Cloud 2 in North America or Dark Chronicle in Europe and Japan.

Rogue Galaxy, meanwhile, was released in North America and Europe in 2007. The game is an action RPG and features a number of gameplay aspects from Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2. Unlike those two games, however, the game features a more Sci-Fi story and setting, with players travelling between a number of planets. A couple of videos showing Rogue Galaxy running on the PS4 emulation can be viewed below.

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