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Xenoblade Chronicles X Mines Some New Videos


Xenoblade Chronicles X

With Xenoblade Chronicles X out this Friday on Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe released a couple more trailers for the game. From the American side is a new video in its Survival Guide series, this time offering a nine-minute insight into exploration and resource gathering. Meanwhile, the European video offers a new trailer focusing on combat. Both trailers can be seen below.

Nintendo also released optional data packs for the game in both regions on the Wii U shop, which can be downloaded now ahead of its release. These data packs are free of charge and affect the physical disc version of the game, reducing load times in various aspects. The full list of data packs, their sizes, and which parts of the game they impact is as follows:

  • Basic Data Pack (2GB): Contains data on the most frequent elements of terrain. Speeds up loading throughout New Los Angeles and Mira.

  • Enemy Data Pack (2.7GB): Contains enemy data. Speeds up load time in the field.

  • Player Data Pack (3.6GB): Contains data relating to players, such as equipment. Speeds up load times when changing equipment.

  • Skell Data Pack (1.7GB): Contains Skell data. Speeds up deployment of Skells.

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