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FIVE: Guardians of David Out Now on Steam


FIVE: Guardians of David

Kingdom Games' debut title, FIVE: Guardians of David, is now out and available to download for PC via Steam. The action RPG is set in biblical times in the land of Canaan, with players taking control of five of King David's companions — Jashobeam, Eleazar, Shammah, Abishai, and Benaiah. The game is priced at $24.99/£18.99/€22.99 with a 10% launch discount available until December 1, 2015.

The five heroes each has his own unique fighting style, with players able to swap between characters on the fly in battles against soldiers and large bosses. The game also features an equipment system with a variety of ancient treasures and relics, plus a miracle system that allows players to call down such miracles as hailstones of destruction and fires of the Earth. Players can also donate items to various spy networks, which will provide bonuses in return.

FIVE: Guardians of David features an eleven-act story, with comic-book style cut scenes from artist Sergio Cariello. A trailer and screenshots for the game can be seen below.

Click here to view more screenshots.

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