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Hard West Kicks Up Dust


Hard West

Hard West, the sophomore effort of Polish studio CreativeForge Games, is seeing its release this week on November 18, 2015. As part of a final push to catch gamers' attention, a fifteen-minute gameplay video has been released, revealing the game's first two combat scenarios, but also shedding a bit more light on its narrative, special abilities, and non-combat gameplay centered around its Strategic Map.

Hard West features an isometric perspective and turn-based combat in the vein of classic X-COM titles. After the brutal slaying of his mother when he was a boy, the now-grown Warren embarks on a quest for vengeance, facing off against Western outlaws and satanic abominations alike. But the supernatural is on the side of our heroes as well, since six-shooters, shotguns, and demonic abilities exist side-by-side in your arsenal to best your foes.

Featuring forty unique combat missions spread across eight story scenarios narrated by Death himself, choices with game-changing consequences, and collectible poker cards that impart special active and passive abilities for players and their companions, Hard West offers a unique blend of flavors. And to sweeten the remaining hours of the countdown to its final release, a 20% discount for pre-orders is on offer via Steam from its regular price of $19.99/£14.99/€19.99.

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