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Monster Hunter X Trailers Show Off Monsters, Hunters


Monster Hunter X

The Japanese release of Monster Hunter X (pronounced "Cross") is mere weeks away, and Capcom has released some new cinematic trailers that show the main characters in action, both monsters and hunters.

In the first cinematic trailer, the behemoths battle it out against each other, on the ground and in the air. Next, a group of monster hunters stalk their prey, only to have their attacks rebuffed by the creature before combining their strengths to (presumably) best the colossal beast. The second trailer consists of largely in-game footage, showcasing the hunters in mortal combat against the monsters, or simply running for their lives as their enemies continue to hurl pain and lightning their way.

Monster Hunter X aims to bridge the gap between the past and the present by combining - or crossing - elements from previous installments in the series. Though the game's release is just around the corner for Japan, no official word on a Western release has reached us yet.

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