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Prepare to Die Some More in Dark Souls II


Bandai Namco

The Spike TV Video Game Awards is not the most likely venue for the announcement of a japanese RPG, but the event shattered expectations when it showed the announcement trailer for Dark Souls II. This announcement trailer, which is entirely CG animation and shows no gameplay, can be seen below.

Little is known about the latest entry in From Software's vicious, dark fantasy Souls series, and the official site is more of a curiosity than a source of information so far. What is know, though, is that the story will focus on a different hero than in the previous game, and will have a new setting to match. The game will be rebuilt around a server-based online mode like was seen in Demon's Souls rather than the peer-to-peer system in Dark Souls. From Software has mentioned that it will be making a number of gameplay changes to "evolve the overall experience of the Dark Souls series," but it intends to maintain the series' focus on challenging players. Finally, it was announced that Dark Souls II will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC platforms. No release window has been revealed yet.

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Dark Souls II
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