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Extra Life 2012 Daily Raffle


Extra Life

This year RPGamer is teaming up with PS Nation and to participate in the annual Extra Life marathon where we play games for 24 hours to raise money to help heal kids! And guess what? We're doing another raffle! Why? Because we want to beat PSN Nation! Help us reach our $5,000 goal and win a few prizes early by lending a hand.

For the next four days (Tuesday to Friday), RPGamer will be raffling off some codes via Twitter, providing you donate to the cause. Each day we will be giving away a new prize that you'll be eligible to win. The catch? You need to donate to one of the RPGamer Team members:

  • Anna Marie Neufeld
  • Chris Privitere
  • Michael Cunningham
  • Sam Marchello
  • Sarah McGarr
  • Scott Wachter
  • Trent Seely

    Then tweet @RPGamer who you donated to with a link. Make sure when you donate to leave a message with it, sporting your twitter handle and e-mail address so we can verify. To be eligible you must donate at LEAST $10.00. European RPGamer fans, don't you fret! We have one special day devoted to you, as Ghostlight has graciously given us some vouchers for the European PSN.

    Here is our raffle schedule to see what you can win:

    Raffle Schedule

  • Tuesday: Ys Steam Pack (Ys Origins and Ys: Oath in Felghana).
  • Wednesday: Unchained Blades for PSP.
  • Thursday: Europe Appreciation Day, featuring Fate/Extra for PSP.
  • Friday: Zeboydocalyse! with Steam codes for Rainslick 3, Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World.

    I'll be tweeting from the @RPGamer account each day around 12 pm EST and the give away for each day will last until 12 am EST. I will announce the winner each day (and DM you the code you've won). Make sure to check back each day at that time so that way you can be eligible to win!

    Please remember that at the end of the day all this money is going towards a fantastic cause that deserves your constant support. With each donation, you're helping a hospital in the Children's Miracle Network support the lives of many children in need of urgent care. By supporting RPGamer's team, you're helping to heal children everywhere. Help us give all the sick children everywhere an extra life.

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