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Dragon Quest IV and Valkyria Chronicles Deals at Amazon

NEWS REPORTER News currently has some very good prices on some very good RPGs. Today only, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen for the Nintendo DS is $19.98 on Amazon, which is 50% off and a huge deal for anyone who hasn't purchased it yet. Dragon Quest IV is a remake of the fourth game in the long-running, traditional, beloved Dragon Quest series (which was first called Dragon Warrior in North America).

Amazon has another, seemingly more permanent deal on a new PS3 strategy RPG, Valkyria Chronicles. While the game was just released last week on November 4, 2008, Amazon is already selling it for $49.99, $10 less than its starting price. Valkyria Chronicles has been well recieved by critics, boasting a strong average score of 87% on GameRankings, making this another good deal for RPGamers. Valkyria Chronicles uses a turn-based, tactical battle system which requires the player to command various types of troops: such as tank commanders, snipers, engineers, scouts, and infantry. Players progress by winning various battles set in a fictional world in the 1930s.

UPDATE: Pre-orders for the upcoming Square Enix RPG The Last Remnant for the Xbox 360 are also now on sale for $39.99.

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