Square Responds to PlayStation2 Incompatibilities
Final Fantasy Anthology

In response to Sony's recent report of incompatibilities between its PlayStation2 hardware and Final Fantasy Anthology, Squaresoft has issued an official work-around for the problem. As was previously reported, the compatibility issues are only with Final Fantasy V, not with Final Fantasy VI, the other half of the anthology. The game is entirely playable on the PlayStation2, except for a bug that can interfere with the saving feature, producing corrupted graphical images when players try to save their games.

According to a Square representative, "the saving feature does work, [but] the save screen may be corrupted." Thus, the on-screen text and menu cursor will sometimes be unreadable, making visual navigation impossible. If gamers are familiar enough with the menu, they may be able to navigate it without visual aid. If not, Square suggests that players exit out of the menu by pressing the cancel button until they are back on the world or field map, and then attempt to enter the menu once again. If the text is still corrupted, the process should be repeated. According to Square, "retrying the saving option over will produce a normal screen and the game will function normally."

Square also states, "If you do encounter this problem, it should only take a few tries using the steps above to correct the problem and save normally." Although this fix is quite simple, owners of Final Fantasy Anthology will certainly appreciate being able to run the title on Sony's new machine.

by Matthew Wanlin
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