Sony Publishes Playstation 2 Bug List

The compatibility of the Playstation 2 with Playstation titles, it seems, is backwards in more ways than one. In response to the growing concerns, Sony has released a list of games that have known issues when used on their new system, stressing to Playstation 2 owners that perfect backwards compatibility was never promised. A series of glitches has been detected in a number of these games, and of chief concern to RPGamers is Final Fantasy V, which has a fairly serious problem when used on the Playstation 2.

While it does not make the game entirely unplayable, Final Fantasy V's glitch is nonetheless troublesome. When attempting to save the game, the screen breaks up and displays a scattered garble of images; however, despite the fact the menu is not visible, there is still normal control over the cursor. As such, it is still possible, albeit annoying, to save. Serious as the problem may be, however, this news should actually come as something of a relief to Playstation 2 owners; after all, it had been feared that Final Fantasy Anthology was totally incompatible with the new system.

Sony has not offered any solution to the incompatibilities at this point, because it is possible that other titles may be added to the list in future. Final Fantasy V is currently the only RPG on the list.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [FF Online]
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