Brownie Brown President Talks About Name, Game

On June 30th, Brownie Brown, a team consisting largely of former Square employees, announced their first title, which is in development for the Game Boy Advance. This game, Magical Vacation, was originally described by Nintendo as a "Communication RPG", but this description, besides being somewhat cryptic, has now been dismissed by Brownie Brown's president, Shinichi Kameoka, since the game is still too early in development to make any definitive statement. He did, however, pledge that anyone who enjoyed Legend of Mana would love Magical Vacation.

Kameoka, who spoke with The Nintendo Project last week, reaffirmed that the game will be network compatible. More importantly, Brownie Brown is currently focusing on the completion of Magical Vacation, so their projected release date of Summer 2001 is looking to be a good bet at this point. Kameoka also provided a few details about his team of developers, and their reasons for leaving Square.

Brownie Brown currently has ten developers on staff, several of whom worked on Final Fantasy, SaGa, and Secret of Mana games. The decision to break away from Square came about as a result of differing ideals. Kameoka explained that the company's quirky name comes from Scottish folklore; the Brownie Brown is a friendly, hard-working fairy, which he feels is appropriate to his team's style. Magical Vacation is currently their only project; however, Kameoka expressed interest in the Gamecube, a possible sign of things to come.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [The Nintendo Project]
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