Zill O'll for Playstation

    More inforomation concerning Koei's Zill O'll for Playstation. The title features CG movies on par with those found in Final Fantasy VII and some unique twists on player rewards.

    Instead of Experience Points, Zill O'll features a Soul Points System. After each battle the player can freely allocate the Soul Points earned to the different parts of the character's status, like Bravery, Kindness, Curiosity, and others. When characters earn enough Soul Points, they will receive one of the 32 Soul Powers, which give the character special abilities.

    Another innovation is the Fast Break Bonus. The faster you finish off the enemies in a battle the more money and items you collect. Finally, the Elemental System will allow characters to gain experience in the opposite element when they defeat an elemental enemy. For example, defeating a fire enemy will earn water element points.

    Zill O'll is slated for a winter release in Japan.

Source: [The Magic Box]

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