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Indie Update: Fifteenth Edition


Indie Games

We return with the fifteenth edition of our series designed to help RPGamer cater to the ever-increasing number of indie titles that our staff regrettably does not have the resources to provide full coverage to. The idea of this column is to quickly pass on the word about certain games to our readers that they might otherwise not be made aware of, and we hope both readers and developers find this useful.

This edition of our indie update column features the following titles: Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond, Warlocks vs. Shadows, Daath Origins, Vaporum, and Virgo vs. the Zodiac.

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond

Indie developer Ekuator Games has begun a Kickstarter campaign for turn-based, morally ambiguous RPG Celestian Tales: Realm Beyond. The sequel to 2015 release Celestian Tales: Old North, Realms Beyond takes place nine years after its predecessor, once again following the same group of six knights. The game will let players carry over choices from their previous game through reading the save, while new players will also be able to create their own set of choices. Ekuator Games is looking for $15,000, with the campaign running until September 20, 2017.


Warlocks vs. Shadows

Teyon and One More Level's RPG-brawler Warlocks vs. Shadows is now available on PlayStation 4 in Europe after being released in North America in June. Originally released on Steam in 2015, the game is priced at €13.99 and features a single-player campaign as well as four player multiplayer. Players select one of eleven characters with which to explore the game's five worlds. Warlocks vs. Shadows is also planned for release on Xbox One.


Daath Origins

Daath Origins from Black Lodge Games is a open-world sci-fi RPG where humanity is under a totalitarian alien rule and is planned for release on Steam Early Access on September 15, 2017. Players are tasked with guiding their starship, containing a million people trying to escape to a new home, across a galaxy featuring five hundred "handcrafted" planets, making key choices including who to send on missions and fill roles on the ship. In addition to its planned digital release, the developer also plans to create a limited physical edition once the game is out of Early Access.



Fatbot Games announced that its debut title, Vaporum, will be released for PC via Steam on September 28, 2017. The first-person steampunk dungeon crawler tasks players with exploring a mechanical tower. Each enemy in Vaporum features different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, while players can equip various weapons and use special gadgets to provide attacks or buffs. The game also features various puzzles as well as optional hidden paths and areas.


Virgo vs. the Zodiac

Virgo vs. the Zodiac is a sci-fi/fantasy RPG currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign through Fig. Players control Virgo, who is also known as the Holy Queen or Dreadful Queen by others, as she pushes her righteous worldview on the cosmos to try and bring back the so called Golden Age of balance. The game features a turn-based combat system that utilises timing mechanics as well as a choice system said to offer lots of replayability. Virgo vs. the Zodiac's campaign runs until September 29, 2017, and has already passed its $18,500 goal.


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