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Divinity: Original Sin II's Final Race, Limited Edition Detailed


Divinity: Original Sin II

Larian Studios has dropped more information regarding the upcoming RPG Divinity: Original Sin II. First, the game's final origin character, Fane, has been announced. Fane is an undead, which will also be an option players can choose during character creation. Second, Larian will be producing a Collector's Edition of the game available exclusively through Larian's new website.

Created per collaboration with Chris Avellone, Fane will be one of the premade origin characters. Entombed centuries ago for pursuing forbidden knowledge, Fane is reintroduced to the world in a far different shape than when he left it. Fane will still be present in the game if players decide to make their own character as a recruitable companion. As an undead, Fane and the players will have unique features and challenges that will alter a playthrough.

Undead may be of any race, but regardless of that choice an undead character will operate differently from others. Healing magic will be harmful to the undead while poisonous magic will heal them. Additionally, undead characters will frighten many NPCs, limiting their options for interaction unless steps are taken. Hiding their faces under a hood will make NPCs treat them as if they were alive but the more versatile option is the Mask of the Shapeshifter. Created by removing the face from a fresh corpse, the Mask of the Shapeshifter will allow an undead to take the form of any race to temporarily receive the benefits and deficits of said race.

Finally, the game's Collector's Edition, of which only one thousand units will be produced, will retail for $169. The full list of what comes with the Collector's Edition is as follows:

  • A Steam key for Divinity: Original Sin II
  • Storage box containing art of all four major races in the game
  • A combination felt-lined dice tray and Dungeon Master's Screen
  • A 10.2" figurine of Fane with interchangeable heads
  • A Chronicle of Reaper's Coast lore book
  • Essential Compendium of Notable Rivellonian Artwork, a 150-page art book
  • Color printed map of Reaper's Coast

Set in the world of Rivellon, Original Sin II will once again take players through a massive turn-based RPG that features a highly tactical combat system and a campaign that supports up to four players cooperatively. While currently available on Steam Early Access, the game will release on PC on September 14, 2017.



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