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Mac's Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Journey - Issue 29


Final Fantasy

Welcome back once again to my Final Fantasy Journey. This week I've still been working through a couple of recent releases, but I have also slipped in a third game for some variety, because I know that you all are probably excited for something new. Well, this game isn't new, but it is for this feature. As for the main series games, there are plenty that I've already briefly covered that I would like to play more of and write about, but there are still four that I've yet to touch at all. I still have a few months left this year, so don't worry. I will get to them. For now, please enjoy this week's issue.

If you want to catch up on my prior pieces, here's a link to Issue 28 from last week.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4)

I was able to take a break from my MMO time to get back to Final Fantasy XII this week. I'm always open to playing games on easy mode, but I typically don't like to use glitches or cheats. That said, hearing people talk about a powerful weapon that you can get early in the game was tempting to try, so I did. Apparently if you time it just right and manipulate a lot of random number generation things, you can find the Seitengrat. This powerful bow requires no license to use, and if you want to you can get an unlimited number of them. After a couple of hours of playing around, I was able to obtain one, though I don't plan on using it just yet. This game was manageable without it the first time, so it will just be a "break in case of frustration" ticket this playthrough. For now, I'd better get back to trying to convince the people not to believe Ondore's lies.


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (PS4)

Last week I was right at the door to the Stormblood story content and now I'm deep within. Long story short, the antagonists are the best part of this expansion so far. Heavensward really highlighted a fantastic supporting cast, but Stormblood steers away from that and focuses on the evil folks. This is working for me so far, though the moment-to-moment quests have been a little on the dull side. Along with that, the starting area of the expansion is one of the blandest areas in the game to date, and that includes Ul'dah. At least the jobs have been fun to level and the first dungeon was an unexpected good time. Now that I'm further in, things are prettier and hopefully the story beats will improve as well.

My future tasks include topping out Ninja and Samurai. I still love playing Ninja, but Samurai is growing on me despite my initial hesitation about it. I still don't know exactly what it is about job systems in MMOs that I love when I have an issue with blank slate characters in other main Final Fantasy games, but it's a thing. I guess it's a matter of it just being one character here instead of a party like Final Fantasy V has. That said, I love the flexibility here, but seem to have issues with it in the more structured titles. FFXIV just seems to have me addicted to leveling jobs, but I'm happy doing it.


Final Fantasy X-2 HD (Vita)

While I'm back on my job system kick, I decided to give FFX-2 another go. Man, this game gives such an awful first impression. It's not an issue with the gameplay, as I feel that's actually super interesting, but starting this sequel with Yuna giving a pop concert is one of the most out of place things the developers could have possibly done. I don't even have problems with the music itself, as I also like the soundtrack, but the setting is so off-putting that I have trouble getting past it. Issues aside, I really want to give this another go so that I can play around more with the job system. I like the concept of what's going on here, so getting deeper might just help me find a new appreciation for this game. We shall see.

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