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Closed Test for Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion


Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Season Pass holders are being invited by Square Enix to participate in an exclusive closed online test for the upcoming multiplayer expansion, Comrades. Taking place from Thursday, August 3, to Tuesday, August 8, the sneak peek spans the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store, and interested players will need to have access to the PlayStation Plus service or an Xbox Live Gold membership prior to downloading Comrades.

The expansion will allow players to create and customize unique online avatars to take into quests, with three different quests to choose from during the test. While the test supports up to eight player-made avatars, the full release will eventually support playing as Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis, once the appropriate updates have been released. Players will be matched up with others for the test, while the final release will also include single-player gameplay options. A host of other features are outlined at the expansion's official website.

While no firm release date for Comrades is on the books yet, Square Enix has released a few more screenshots, viewable below.


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