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Yakuza 6 Receives Gameplay Updates and Media


Yakuza 6

Sega opened the floodgates at this year's Tokyo Game Show with info on various gameplay features for the upcoming Yakuza 6. On the serious side of things, further details about the game's background story have been released. Of course, when not crossing paths with Japan's criminal underground, a host of extra-curricular activities once again awaits to while away the hours.

Kazuma Kiryu, series protagonist, has just concluded a prison sentence, and returns to the Sunshine Orphanage to find that Haruka Sawamura, his protege, has gone missing. After a search, Kiryu finds Haruka lying in an intensive care unit, victim of a hit-and-run car accident. Following her activities over the course of his absence leads Kiryu to Onomichi Jingaicho on the eastern edge of Hiroshima, an old city that hasn't yet fallen to the usual crime syndicates. Complicating things further, it seems Haruka has become a mother during Kiryu's imprisonment, and it falls to him to protect her son Haruto from those who have taken a keen interest in him.

One new feature will allow players to create a custom Kiryu Clan, consisting of bosses and gangsters, and pit them in large-scale battles against other players' clans as well as the evil organization JUSTIS in Kamurocho and Onomichi. There will also be specific missions utilizing the Clan Creator system.

Sega also revealed an in-game tie-in with Japanese fitness studio Rizap, called the Sports Gym. Six different training mini-games will be available, and a trainer will communicate with Kiryu to counsel him on his dietary needs. Participating in these training activities will translate into a boost in experience points.

In Yakuza 6, Kiryu will be plugged into the digital world around him, routinely interacting with his contacts via his new model Xperia smartphone. Emailing contacts, learning of events around town via social media, taking snapshots around town, managing mission progress and inventory, and several other important features are all handled via this in-game platform.

A new trailer also shows off other activities Kiryu can participate him when he's ready for a break. These include such eclectic boondoggles such as managing a cat cafe, online chatting with girls, free-diving with cute fishies and ferocious sharks, babysitting Haruto, and playing in a baseball league, as well as plenty of others. A gallery of screenshots has also been published, viewable below.

Japanese players will begin their journey through Onomichi Jingaicho when Yakuza 6 releases on December 8, 2016, on PlayStation 4. At this time, a localized release for North America and Europe has not been announced.


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