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Sword 'N' Board Impression - PAX West


PAX West

RPGamer was present at last weekend's PAX West in Seattle to check out various games at the event. Stuffed Castle's Sword 'N' Board was one such title and Sarah McGarr reported back on her experience with the game.


You're a kid. Your favorite type of games are 8-bit. You then find your video game console is missing. The horror! What do you do? Go on a quest in your backyard to find it, of course.

I was able to talk with Rob Busey and Michael Ripka from Stuffed Castle about the developer's new puzzle RPG, Sword 'N' Board. It starts with a kid named Sidd. He is on a quest to find his console. Everything that he imagines is drawn in 8-bit, whilst everything in the real world is drawn in a different art style. While he’s walking around his backyard, Sidd encounters his own imaginary enemies — like feces, for example. I found secret passages and solved puzzles using the items I had found. He has his suit of armor and sword on, ready for action. His backyard is full of trees, bridges, puzzles, different maps, and dungeons made of cardboard and pillow forts.

Along the way, Sidd finds different items like bombs. I was able to combine the sword and the bomb to create a new ability of throwing a bomb while jumping with my sword. Almost every item in the game can be combined with others to create new abilities. There’s also a bubble shield that will protect you for up to three hits that can also be combined. 

Certain items can be used to increase Sidd's stats, and higher levels require better items to increase those stats. This is where players can go to a certain fort to create higher level items by forging different base materials together, such as copper wire, metal plates, and reinforced blades.

Sword 'N' Board is available through Steam's Early Access program for $4.99/£3.99/€4.99. Currently, there is one dungeon available with eight more to be included in its full release in 2017. The game's final length is said to be around twenty to thirty hours. 

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