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Outward Makes Its First Outing



Nine Dots Studios has announced a new game called Outward. The title will be an open world fantasy RPG where the player takes control of neither a mythical hero nor an exalted champion, but a regular individual trying to make their way through the world.

With Outward, Nine Dots Studios wants to approach typical fantasy trappings in a new fashion. Players will create a character from one of four factions before being dropped in the world to do as they please. The game will combine fantasy and survival elements, so food, water, and shelter will be key elements for successful play. Beyond that, the game will save constantly, making the actions taken and decisions made more permanent and meaningful.

Gameplay elements will also reflect this, as normally ignored aspects of a game's interactivity are explored: Wearing full plate in the desert is a poor idea; proper ingredients, incantations, and rituals are required to cast magic; larger inventory bags will adversely affect movement; etc. The game will also feature co-op for two people both locally and online. Splitscreen co-op will also be available online to simulate the feel of playing on the couch.

While it does not currently have a release date, Outward is slated to release on PC and consoles, though which platforms were not specified. Those interested in learning more about the game can visit the game's website here.


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