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The Real Texas Continues Through DLC


The Real Texas

Kitty Lambda Games originally released The Real Texas for PC and Mac in 2012, and has now given the game a mini-sequel in the form of a DLC expansion. Fully titled The Real Texas - Part 2, Part 1 - Cellpop Goes Out At Night, the DLC is available now through Steam,, and the game's website for $3.99/£2.79/$3.99.

Cellpop Goes Out At Night stars Cellpop, an eye-like alien girl who lives in the shopping mall Kad, which is on the Barlic Wastes of the Planet of the Friendeyes. Two years prior to the DLC, Kad loses its communication and transport connections with the rest of the planet. The residents of Kad are trying to go about their lives as normal, but strange happenings are going on, including some mysterious disappearances.

The Real Texas combines Legend of Zelda-style combat with a keyword-based conversation system similar to those found in Ultima. Those interested in reading more about the original game can check out Zach Welhouse's review.

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