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Obsidian Gives Updates on Tyranny



Obsidian has updated its blog for Tyranny, the company's next isometric RPG following Pillars of Eternity. These most recent updates included more information on the game's combat and one of the game's companions, Barik of the Stone Shields.

Combat in Tyranny operates on a modified version of Pillars' ruleset, changing several different aspects. Attacking works mostly the same, where the attacker's Accuracy is checked against the defender's Defense and allows for four outcomes: a Miss, a reduced-damage Graze, a standard-damage Hit, or a high-damage Critical. Grazes and Criticals also respectively reduce and extend the length of any status effects. Damage comes in many of the types found in Pillars and armors will have differing proficencies against certain types of damage. Additionally, a new ability will be available for Light Armors called Deflection, which gives a percentage chance to lower the effectiveness of a hit down by a level, such as lowering a Critical to just a Hit.

For changes in health mechanics, Tyranny is doing away with separate health and endurance pools. Each character will have just one health bar that will cause them to fall unconscious — or die, depending on the difficulty — if it falls to zero. Every time a character is revived during or after a battle, that character will suffer a wound, a stackable debuff which will decrease maximum health and all stats until the next rest. On harder difficulties, characters will suffer wounds merely by going into low health.

The game will come with four difficulties from Story Mode, designed for those who just want the story, to Path of the Damned, which requires the highest amount of strategization. Difficulty will mostly affect the computer AI and not just add more enemies to an encounter. There are several other smaller changes to the game, such as Interrupts no longer having a separate roll and merely being tied to abilities as well as the removal of friendly fire.

Nearly as much space was dedicated to the introduction of Barik, a Disfavored soldier with undying loyalty to Overlord Kyros. He is a member of the Iron Guard, an elite group of the Disfavored leader's best advisors and lieutenants. An incident with the Overlord himself has left his armor fused to his skin. In combat he serves as a tank, utilizing naturally high defenses and several abilities that allow him to manuever to nearby allies quickly.

Tyranny is an RPG where evil has already won and the player takes on the role of a Fatebinder, one of the new Overlord's judges. Players will be able to choose between carrying out the Overlord's will or attempting to subvert it. More information for the game can be found during Obsidian's livestream of the game here. The game is planned for release for PC sometime in 2016.

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