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Kickstarter Check-In: Ikenfell and System Shock



RPGamer's semi-regular Kickstarter Check-In returns to showcase two currently-running Kickstarter funding campaigns for RPGs. This time out we take a look at the crowdfunding campaigns for Ikenfell and a System Shock remake.


Ikenfell is a planned RPG adventure written by Chevy Ray Johnston that puts players in the titular school for witches and wizards. The developer is seeking to fund the title with a crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with the campaign having already met it's initial goal.

The game focuses on Safina, who quickly became Ikenfell's most infamous student. However, one summer she does not return home with those from the school not giving any information. Players control her sister Maritte, who was not invited to the school due to her lack of magic ability, but who goes there anyway to investigate her sister's disappearance.

Ikenfell is inspired by titles such as Paper Mario, Earthbound, and Robotrek. Its turn-based combat system features timing-based elements as players can boost their own spell power or block incoming attacks with a button press at just the right moment. The game is being developed initially for PC and Mac, though other platforms may be considered later.

The developer's initial goal of C$25,000 has already been reached, with the campaign set to continue until July 24, 2016. Those who pledge at least C$12 will receive a copy of the game as part of their backer rewards. Ikenfell has an initially planned release date of June 2018.


System Shock Remake

NightDive Studios is a developer and publisher that specialises in acquiring the rights to classic video games and re-releasing them for modern systems. Having started out in 2013 with its release of System Shock 2, the company is now turning its attention to a complete remake of the first System Shock. In order to help fund this endeavour, NightDive Studios has begun a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

System Shock is an FPS-RPG hybrid originally released for PC and Mac back in 1994. Set on a multi-level space station known as Citadel in the year 2072, the game sees players controlling a nameless hacker as they attempt to stop a malevolent AI called SHODAN. There are no NPC characters, with the plot instead advanced by finding e-mails and log discs. Players can also enter cyberspace in order to collect data or remove obstacles, such as locked doors.

NightDive Studios' remake will feature re-imagined enemies, weapons, and locations designed by original concept artist Robb Waters. Terri Brosius will return to voice SHODAN with new voice-overs to be recorded, and a brand new musical score will be composed by Jonathan Peros. The UI, game mechanics, and puzzles will also be revamped, with Chris Avellone and other developers from Fallout: New Vegas being brought on board to advise development. Links to download a demo are available  through its Kickstarter page.

NightDive Studios is looking for $900,000 in pledges by July 28, 2016. Those who pledge at least $30 will receive a copy of the game as part of their backer rewards. The System Shock remake is initially slated for release on PC and Xbox One in December 2017.


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