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Kickstarter Check-In: Tears of Avia



Tears of Avia is a title from indie developer CooCooSqueaky, which is looking for funding on Kickstarter. The game is a turn-based RPG with heavy aesthetic inspiration from Japanese titles and planned for release on PC and Mac in 2017.

The game's lore features a war two-hundred years ago between the floating city of Avalon and the demonic forces of an overlord named Vylenkine. To end the war, a powerful Avalon mage unleashed a spell that sealed the demons' portals into the realm but at the cost of freezing the city. He since has been looking for a way to unfreeze the city, and more importantly his love Avia, when the party arrives.

Tears of Avia is said to have a dynamic story based heavily on the party members' disposition towards each other. Members will react differently depending on the others the player decides to include in the party. Various side-missions will be unlocked based on conversation choices players have within the party, allowing for replayability with different party options. The game is also said to have various difficult decisions that will shape the story.

There will be five classes in the game: warrior, ranger, mage, priest, and brawler. Its battle system is quite heavily reliant on crafting and strategy. There are four main types of abilities and skills on offer — direct-damage, conidition-causing, healing, and support — though inidivudal skills will often blur the lines between these groups. Each class has its own unique skill tree. Skills are also influenced by the party's equipment. Each member can take eight skills into battles, five coming from their class abilities and three from their weapon. The game will have a number of difficulty options, with a harder difficulty offering better rewards.

CooCooSqueaky is looking for £68,000 in funding for Tears of Avia by October 21, 2015. Those who wish to receive a copy of the game as a backer reward can do so if they pledge at least £20 (around $30/€27).

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