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World of Final Fantasy

Square Enix has released some new details and screenshots for its upcoming Final Fantasy spin-off, World of Final Fantasy. The new screenshots can be viewed below and show the game's heroes, Reynn and Lann, as well as a new character named Enna Kros who helps them learn about the world of Grymoire. Also making apperances are Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and the town of Cornelia from the first Final Fantasy game.

The images also showcase Mirages, powerful creatures that assist Reynn and Lann. Some of the Mirages will be familar sights to Final Fantasy fans, with Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Cerberus all shown. Players can use the game's stacking mechanic to ride on creatures, providing bonuses to attack and HP as well as unlocking special abilities. Another familiar creature can also be found on Grymoire's train travel network with its Cactuar Conductor.

World of Final Fantasy is being developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game is set to be released in North America and Europe some time in 2016.

Click here to view more screenshots.

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